I was delighted when they asked me if I could provide them with a 3-hour Sunday morning black music show. Well I have been doing just that for the station since they launched. I am delighted that we are finally able to provide the full playlist of each show here on mikeshaft.com every week.

Show 24 broadcast 6th August 2017

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Title Artist Album Dur
1 Push JP Kazadi 04:14 CD Single
2 Joy Ride TLC 04:18 TLC (Deluxe)
3 Look Up To The Sky Izzy Dunn 04:32 Recycle Love
4 Declaration Of Love Zalon 02:55 Liquid Sonic Sex
5 Perfect Rosa 03:06 Rosa
6 Is It The Way Najee feat Eric Roberson 05:32 Poetry In Motion
7 You Should Be Here EDITED Len Walston 04:47 CD Single
8 Good friend Emily King 04:56 The New SUNSET Radio
9 I’ll Be Over You Cunnie Williams 03:43 Star Hotel
10 Lyrics of pleasure Eric Roberson & Will Downing 03:48 WIND
11 You and You Tyra Levone 04:57 Testimony a Soul Set Free
12 Love her Eric Roberson 03:27 WIND
13 You’re the man (Unreleased Ext John Morales Mix) Marvin Gaye  04:51 CD Single
14 FeelingThe Love Will Downing feat Avery*Sunshine 04:46 Soul Survivor
15 We Are One Joey Oscar 03:42 We Are One
16 Our Times Izzy Dunn 04:03 Recycle Love
17 It Never Rains Terry Harris 04:52 It Never Rains – Single
18 Drop JazzyD & Deli Rowe 00:16 Drop
19 Every Side Of You Jazzy D feat Deli Rowe 03:44 CD Single
20 Yr Luv Is Amazing Atlantic Starr 04:31 Metamorphosis
21 Hold On Traycar 04:45 Hold On
22 Risin’ To The Top Tristan feat Heston 03:21 CD Single
23 Stroll with Me Stephen Richard feat Quiana Lynell 05:35 Spectrum
24 Follow the Sun Joyce Elaine Yuille 03:28 Welcome To My World
25 If Dreams Come True Emily Jones 05:31 If Dreams Come True / Espontaneo – Single
26 Just Another Lover d. Mills 04:47 Mission Complete
27 Erica Zalon 03:43 Liquid Sonic Sex
28 Just Another Love Gone Wrong  Just Right Band feat Ve’al 03:44 I Want More (feat. Veal)
29 Tender Remix Daniel Chia & Colin Watson 05:03 CD Single
30 Love for real Eugen Botos feat Marcus Miller & Sheldon Reynolds 05:52 CD Single
31 So nobody else can hear Jimmy Cobb 03:42 So nobody else can hear 
32 Love Will Be Waiting At Home Kevon Edmonds 04:14 CD Single
33 Now Love Has No End  Michael Franks feat Valerie Simpson 06:08 Barefoot On The Beach
34 Sweet Island Love Jonathan Butler 04:24 Smooth Jazz Journey – Fourth Edition
35 Love’s Holiday Deniece Williams 04:27 Love, Niecy Style
36 Need somebody Ricky Lawson 05:29 CD Single
37 Recycle Love Izzy Dunn 04:29 Recycle Love
38 You’re My Strength Dexter Moore feat Michael Upshaw 05:36 Keys to Life
39 What You Won’t Do for Love (After Dark) Bobby Caldwell 04:13 After Dark
40 Feels So Good Robert Damper 04:56 D Tales
41 Tick Tock Boney James 04:07 Honestly
42 You’re My Fantasy Robin Thicke 05:57 Paula
43 Waves Against The Shore Fuller French 03:39 CD Single

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