I was delighted when they asked me if I could provide them with a 3-hour Sunday morning black music show. Well I have been doing just that for the station since they launched. I am delighted that we are finally able to provide the full playlist of each show here on mikeshaft.com every week.

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Show 21 broadcast 16th July 2017

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Title Artist Album Dur
1 Yr Luv Is Amazing Atlantic Starr 04:31 Metamorphosis
2 Runnin (Boogie Back Ext Version) Jay King 03:51 Helen’s Son
3 Risin’ To The Top Tristan feat Heston 03:21  
4 Lovin’ the Feelin’ Erica Falls 05:11 Homegrown
5 Rhymes and Rhythms Joey Oscar 04:02  W.A.O Master/ MP3’s
6 Be with You  Just Right Band feat Veal & Flyte 04:23 I Want More (feat. Veal)
7 It Only Happens (When I Look At You) Aretha Franklin 04:13 Natural High 4: 2-Step Soul, Boogie Fusion & Rare Groove
8 All you had to say Blu Cantrell 04:22  
9 I’m Back For More (Original Album Version) Al Johnson & Jean Carn 05:09 Funk Mastercuts: Classic Mellow, Vol. 1
10 Joy Ride TLC 04:18 TLC (Deluxe)
11 This Luv Atlantic Starr 04:29 Metamorphosis
12 So Solo Sinead Harnett 03:37 Chapter One
13 Coming Home Gene Moore 03:32 The Future
14 Just Another Love Gone Wrong  Just Right Band feat Ve’al 03:44 I Want More (feat. Veal)
15 Stay Up Byron Gold 04:00 The Affirmation
16 Peter Norman Quintin Moore 03:46 Black Privilege
17 Just Another Lover d. Mills 04:47 Mission Complete
18 Be With You Coriology 05:06 Be With You – Single
19 Should We Try Again Atlantic Starr 04:32 Metamorphosis
20 Perfect Rosa 03:06 Rosa
21 Let Me In Zalon 04:12 Liquid Sonic Sex
22 Declaration Of Love Zalon 02:55 Liquid Sonic Sex
23 Erica Zalon 03:43 Liquid Sonic Sex
24 Chasing Butterflies Elliott Macauley 03:33 Blue-Sky – EP
25 Someone Is You (Shawn’s Revenge)  Darien Dean feat Avery Sunshine 03:48 Departures
26 Kiss and make it better Avery Sunshine 04:50 Twenty Sixty Four
27 Amazing Grace Party Tim Bowman feat Jonathan DuBose Jr & Tim Bowman Jr 04:11 Amazing Grace Party (Single) [feat. Jonathan DuBose, Jr. & Tim Bowman Jr]
28 I’m running away from you Del Afrique 03:53 79th Street
29 We Are One Joey Oscar 03:42 We Are One
30 So nobody else can hear Jimmy Cobb 03:42 So nobody else can hear 
31 This Is The Love Brendan Rothwell 03:28 Time on My Hands 
32 Love Is Possible Eddie Baccus & Will Downing 03:18 Love Is Possible – Single
33 I’m Confessin’ Lizz Wright 02:54 Dreaming Wide Awake
34 Emotions Jamison Ross 03:52 Jamison
35 For the Rest of My Life  Just Right Band feat Veal & Eunice Green 04:17 I Want More (feat. Veal)
36 New Beginnings Judith Sephuma 04:24 New Beginnings
37 Somethin’ More Mjbaker 05:59 Feel Somethin’
38 Soul Dream Tim Bowman 05:03 Tim Bowman
39 Love Take Me Rick Braun feat Lindsey Webster 05:16 Around the Horn
40 I Feel Like Singin’ Pieces of a Dream 04:39 Love’s Silhouette
41 Where Do We Go from Here  Daniel Chia feat Melina 04:08 In the Moment
42 Ray of Sunshine  Gwendolyn Collins feat Bléz & Nia Simmons 05:16 Ray of Sunshine (feat. Bléz & Nia Simmons) – Single
43 Everything  Brandon Williams feat Matt Cusson 05:14 XII


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  1. I truly enjoyed all this music my New stop !!!!!

    Thanks Mike

  2. I truly enjoyed all this Great music and all the love for ‘Just Right Band’, my New stop !!!!!

    Thanks Mike

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