12th February 2017

This is the Gospel Playlist Archive and contains all the playlists from the start of the Gospel Hour on BBC Radio Manchester.

Well I am just recovering from almost a full day of computer problems. The computer would come on but it would not see the E Drive. So what's on the E Drive? It is all my photos, videos etc. We eventually get it going but the advice is "Move everything from that drive as soon as you can".

A long table, draped in white cloths, with chairs on either side sit under the gazebo, before long the garden is full of people, we take a seat and the singing starts.

Friday, after a little shopping where I purchased a straw hat, we walked down to the jetty to meet Neale and Eileen off the boat. The jetty was busy as more and more people arrived and waited for sight of the boat.

The BBL Championship is the flagship competition of the British Basketball League and features all member teams playing a 33-game regular season, from September to April. Matches are played according to FIBA rules and games consist of four-quarters of 10 minutes each. Two points are awarded for a win, with overtime used if the score is tied at the final buzzer – unlimited numbers of 5-minute overtime periods are played until one team is ahead when a period ends.

STATEMENT Re: Michael Creppy


This Friday night the Sheffield Sharks take on Durham Wildcats in a bid to secure a place in the semi Finals of the BBL Cup and in the crowd will be a very special guest - Squash World Champion Nick Matthew.

TPAS wish to announce that Michelle Reid will be leaving her post as Chief Executive of TPAS at the end of 2013.