Going through some of the old designs of mikeshaft.com I came across this story which was published on 9 November 2007. Sadly one of the other news stories, in fact the leading story, was of the very serious accident suffered by Brian Dux of the Guildford Heat.

Part 2 of the story of my trip to the Commonwealth Games in Victoria Canada was first published years ago. However in the change to the new design of mikeshaft.com it would seem that it is just one of a number of pages ... lost in transition. Having found it now, I thought I would put it back at the top of the list.

The Commonwealth Games began life as the British Empire Games back in 1930, becoming the British Empire and Commonwealth Games for the 5th Games in Vancouver, Canada.

I suppose I would have to go back to 1993 when I first got involved with the Commonwealth Games. I think that was the year I applied to the Commonwealth Relations Trust for a Bursary to attend the Games in Victoria BC.

More stories and photos added.

Having attended the Commonwealth Games on 3 previous occasions, It was with great excitement that I boarded the 05:00 train from Manchester to Glasgow on Friday the 1st of August to attend my 4th Games. A full report will follow but here is the mikeshaft.com Photo Album.

12 years ago Manchester hosted the 17th Commonwealth Games. Now as Glasgow 2014 invites the world to the party, BBC Radio Manchester used today the 28/07/2014 to celebrate the Games being in Glasgow and to look back at the joy that was spread back in Manchester 2002.

Back in 1994 I had the great pleasure of visiting the 15th Commonwealth Games in Victoria Canada. In 2002 it was Manchester and then In 2006 it was Melbourne.

Later this summer the City of Glasgow will welcome the world for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Back in 2002 it was the City of Manchester who had the pleasure of hosting the Games.

Mike Shaft is back. Back to front BBC’s Commonwealth Games radio station BBC 2002 97.7FM... on air from Monday, March 4th 2002 onwards. Popular presenter Mike Shaft is back in town as the rise n’shine man on the the BBC’s dedicated Commonwealth Games radio station.