29th October 2017

It was recently announced that Kevin Cadle, one of British Basketball's greatest coaches had passed away. Back in September of 1998 two colleagues, Deno Tofalos (now deceased), Chris Tofalos and me Mike Shaft published the magazine SHOOTtheHOOP. In that first issue we paid a full tribute to the man himself. It took some time but I finally managed to track down that copy of the magazine. This is part one of that article. Some of the photos are from that original article but others are from more recent times.

22 October 2017

I think I should start off this piece with an apology. This is going to be a long story with many many people to thank so don't be surprised if this turns out to be just the first part of the Sunday Breakfast story.

The British Basketball community is shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden and unexpected passing of a BBL legend in Kevin Cadle.

15th October 2017

01 October 2017

For almost all the years that I have been broadcasting online, I have used the same broadcast company - 'Radio.Co'. Recently, they launched their own DAB radio station in the Manchester area - 'MCR Live'.