25th September 2016

18th September 2016

Well having looked everywhere to find the interview I gave up and published this original post without it. recently while working my way through my archive I found the interview with Richie Benaud. I hope you enjoy it.

11th September 2016

Going through my archive recently, I was struck by the huge number of different basketball publications I have in my collection. I thought I would feature some of them here on mikeshaft.com. I hope they bring back some glorious memories. We start with the WICB Tournament Brochure.

Once again it was time to travel to Bradford for the 2016 InCommunities Staff Conference. A massive crowd was on hand for some really inspirational presentations from the start of the day to the finish. It was, once again, an absolute joy to be a part of it.

4th September 2016

The British Basketball League is delighted to announce that Sir Rodney Walker has agreed to become Chairman of the BBL.