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The New SUNSET Radio is one of the UK’s newest radio brands, but it also comes with a massive reputation based on the legend that is Sunset Radio, which broadcast in the Manchester area between 1989 and 1993.

However, this is not the only reason that The New SUNSET Radio comes with a great pedigree. That is because the station is programmed by one of the UK’s legendary Black Music presenters, Mike Shaft.

Mike has been broadcasting in the UK since 1978, starting out with one of the most legendary black music shows ever to grace our airwaves.

New SUNSET Radio tweets…

That was Takin’ Care of Business on Piccadilly Radio in Manchester.

Back in these days, there were no catch-up services and if you wanted to listen to a show sometime in the future then you got yourself a cassette recorder and some blank tapes and you stood by with the pause button.

The ‘Takin’ Care of Business'(TCOB) Show on Piccadilly Radio was one of the most recorded shows on any radio station in the UK.

And to this day the tapes are providing content online that is still causing a stir. Hear some of the classic TCOB shows here on YouTube.


Tune in to the New SUNSET Radio NOW on the above link, and you can also listen on Tunein Radio.

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