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In Sport, there have been some wonderful rivalries. Australia and England in any/every sport. Manchester United & Liverpool in football and St Helens and Wigan in Rugby League.

Having been around basketball for a number of years we have seen some great rivalries, Newcastle and the Rocks, Sheffield and Newcastle to name but two but nothing comes even close to the rivalry between London Leopards and London Towers.

The Towers, coached by Kevin Cadle and the Leopards, by Billy Mims were just wonderful and they truly hated each other. This led to some truly amazing encounters. Players of the calibre of Eric Burks, ‘Diamond’ Danny Lewis, John White, Alan ‘Swoop’ Cunningham, Robert Youngblood and Karl Brown (Who amazingly played for both teams) would grace our screens with some of the finest basketball played in the UK.

Perhaps one day we will get to see some of those games again on BBL TV.

These three photos show The Towers celebrating and the Leopards celebrating. The middle photo shows Billy Mims with the wonderful Sue Ashworth. She was a SKY Sports Executive responsible for Basketball and boy what a FAB job she did!

It would be difficult to imagine now that Back in the Day British Basketball would be on SKY Sports 1 at primetime.

Other photos – unknown – Absolutely no use please.
We got Game - 20
Above Photo – Ian CHRISTY – Absolutely no use without his permission.


We got Game - 19 We got Game - 18

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