Basketball England Statement

Dateline 27 January 2015. 3:31pm

BB England logoBasketball England announced yesterday that it would be reviewing its existing deal with the British Basketball League (BBL), which could ultimately see the currently professional basketball league in the UK lose its licence.

“A licence review committee has been set up to consider all options including but not limited to a competitive tender process and negotiation with the existing licensee of the professional basketball league, with a view to renewing existing arrangements.

“Jan Hagen, Chairman of Basketball England commented, “Basketball England is the guardian of basketball in the country and we are determined to see the sport reach its full potential here. Our singular objective is to see the licence awarded to the organisation with a deliverable plan most likely to take the sport to the next level”.

“The committee will consist of two elected board members and two appointed, independent members. The committee will engage with interested parties as appropriate and make recommendations to the Board of Basketball England.

“While timescales will be short, the Board of Basketball England has to ensure that the arrangements for the professional league are in line with the aims and objectives of Basketball England and that the professional league is fully engaged with the governing body’s holistic approach to the sport in this country.”

BBL Statement

Dateline 28 January 2015. 10:28am

BBL Logo 2BBL notes the Press Release issued on 27th January 2015 by Basketball England.

The BBL was not advised of this release in advance. The BBL also does not believe the process set out by Basketball England is credible, or contractually compliant, or has the options implied. BBL is disappointed it’s Governing Body put this matter into the public domain, because of the inevitable damage to the sport.

BBL is awaiting a response to a letter sent to Mr. Hagen, the Chairman of BE on 29th December 2014.

BBL is taking further advice, and reserves all rights.

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