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Pursuant to Clause 8 in Part 111 of the Agreement and Condition 1 in Part 11 of the second Schedule of the Agreement, the Contractor shall ensure that the programmes broadcast by it on behalf of the Authority shall comply with the following requirements.

The Contractor will broadcast a mixture of speech and music designed to appeal to the tastes and interests of listeners within ethnic minorities in the Manchester incremental ILA area advertised by the IBA in January 1989

At least 80% of the music broadcast over any week will be performed and/or composed by Afro-American, Afro-Caribbean, Asian, Chinese, Polish, Ukrainian or other non-British artists or composers or be in a musical style similar to those of such artists or composers including, for example, soul, gospel, Asian film music, urban contemporary dance, folk, reggae, blues and jazz music.

The Contractor will broadcast local, national and international news and news features for a duration of at least 0.5 hours in aggregate in any 24 hour period plus entertainment and information likely to be useful to or appreciated by listeners of principal ethnic minority groups in the area served. At least 3 hours in aggregate in any 24 hour period will be used to broadcast programmes to particular ethnic minority listeners – for example Chinese or Asian listeners.

No member of the Contractor’s staff or Board and none of the Contractor’s freelance presenters, journalists or contributors to be appointed or employed shall have been connected with any illegal broadcasting activity on or after the 1st of January 1989.

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