Manchester 2002 Faye & Russell

The idea of the Bursary was to develop relations between Commonwealth Countries.

When I was asked why they should grant me this Bursary, I suggested that if the Games ever came to Manchester then I would have an idea of what was required.

They liked the idea but wanted much more information such as what station I would be working with and what was the accommodation cost etc.

C-FAX LogoLuckily, I was able to provide all the information required and I was awarded the Radio Broadcasting Bursary for that year.

And so it was that in 1994 I made my way to Victoria in British Columbia, Canada for my first live experience of The Commonwealth Games.

Victoria was an absolute joy for me and working at C-FAX 1070 was a truly wonderful experience. Listen to C-FAX 1070 Live HERE.

One of the things I really loved at the station was the quality of the Imaging for the Games. It was nothing short of Stunning. I can tell you that some of it sent tingles down my spine.

Read the full story of my trip to Victoria

Back in the UK I was working at The BAY in Lancaster and I was sending reports back home, trying to convey the joy and the excitement of the event, of the Games, and of the City. Listen to my final report to the Bay HERE.

I absolutely loved Victoria and I vowed that one day I would return to this wonderful City. It is still on my TO-DO list.

The Games themselves were also wonderful and I enjoyed every moment of them however, what I probably enjoyed even more were the Cultural activities which were happening all over the island. My guide around the Island was kevin Singh and he was invited to everything and I was allowed to tag along.

And so ended my first experience of the Commonwealth Games.

The next Games (The 16th) were held in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately I was no able to attend those Games but I did follow them closely on Television in the UK.

I did not mind missing those Games because by this time Manchester had been announced as the Host for the 17th Commonwealth Games.

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As someone who has always believed in Community Radio, I have to say I was in my element at BBC 2002 Commonwealth Games Radio. We knew what our remit was and we were determined to achieve it.

One day, some time in the future, I will do a list of just some of the guests we had on that station. To have attracted the calibre of guests in the 6 months that we were on the air was nothing short of miraculous.

We covered everything Commonwealth and Commonwealth Games.

Manchester was buzzing at the time and there were wonderful stories everywhere.

At the station we put together some wonderful features and one was ‘Recently on Rise’. Without doubt this was one of my favourites. It was quite simple actually, we would take out one of the most significant statements from some of the interviews that we had done and give them some production values.

Listen to two of those here. First it is Brookside Actor – Louis Emerick and that is followed by South African Actor – John Carney.

Recently on Rise, BBC 2002 Commonwealth Games Radio.

the next part of my Commonwealth games Experience coming soon.

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