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Mind you looking for new Gospel music on [the British] iTunes is like looking for a needle in a haystack… blindfolded.

A Songbird’s Thank You is a wonderful album that truly shows the work of God.

Pamella ELAINE 3There are a number of standout tracks on the album and I know that my favourites won’t be your favourites but hey!

I started to track the album and I thought this is nice, then Seasons came on and I was hooked. It is gorgeous , then comes the title track which has a wonderful Jazz lilt to it.

On my show I love to play really slow worshipful songs and Fill me Lord fits right into that. There are some Gospel artists who don’t really mention God in their lyrics and that is their prerogative however Pamella has no difficulty letting the listener know who she wants to praise in her lyrics.

Album of the Week Pamella ELAINE

If I had thought the album was wonderful up until now then the final two tracks took me to another level. Pure joy isn’t just the title of the penultimate track it is also a perfect description of the track.

Which brings me to the final track on the album. It is called You are there.

Now you have to realize that in any given year I must receive and listen to, thousands of songs of all genres. At the end of 2013 I decided to name my three favourite Gospel tracks of the year.

Gospel Tracks of 2013

They were Simple Song by Khristian Dentley, Lullaby by KEM and You are there by Pamella Elaine.

You are there is one of the most wonderful songs I have ever heard and I cannot recommend it to you highly enough.

if you don’t believe me then check out and see how many times I have played it since I first came across the album.

A Songbird’s thank You is an absolute joy of an album and I for one cannot wait for Pamella’s next outing.

Many blessings
Mike S

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