Having seen these teams face each other a number of times in recent years, I know that this is a contest that will be worth seeing.

As I mentioned last time, Carnegie have retained most of last years team but have also made some significant additions.

Unfortunately, because of injury, starting point guard Sean Clifford is in his walking clothes so Jack Stannard will be doing the honours.

There is one new addition to the team and it is big man Igor Sedlar.  Boy what an addition he is!

Derby have made some changes themselves, the main one being the addition of former BBL player Tom Sherlock.

Still in the line-up is the awesome Martyn Gayle. And what a fantastic ballgame this one turned out to be.

When Armand Anebo (‘Nebo) fouled Tom Sherlock on the first play of the game it would send the Derby man to the line for two.  He would make them both for a two point lead. Unfortunately for the Trailblazers, this would be their biggest lead of the ballgame. When David Ajumobi nails a triple…And 1! to open the Carnegie scoring  we should have known that he was up for a big night tonight. He makes the one from the line and we have got us a ballgame.

It would go one way then the other.  Martyn Gayle would have 10 points in the first and Tom Sherlock would add 8. Jamie McGaffin had 1 score but it was from beyond the arc.

With scoring like that one would expect Derby to be out of sight but nobody told Ajumobi.

He would finish the 1st with 14 points including 3 triples. Henry Wilkins had 8 points inc 1 from beyond the arc.

The score at the end of the 1st was Carnegie 31 Derby 28.

Things would quieten down in the second as both teams found it difficult to score.

Again nobody told Ajumobi as he added 8 to his score including 2 from the arc. To say he was feeling is is putting it mildly. Robert Marsden had started the second quarter for Carnegie and he would add 5. The score at the half was Carnegie 46 Derby 43 … It was that close.

When Allaway nailed a 3ball to open the scoring in the 3rd we were tied again. This could be going either way. We were level again at 54 a piece and then at 58 each.

This was like two great heavyweights fighting each other to a stand still. Nobody asked for favours and none were given.

At the end of the 3rd it was a 1 point affair with Carnegie still with their nose in front 62-61.

And so it is into the 4th and it is here that Carnegie would finally take control of the game.

Henry would have 10 points in this final stanza including 1 3ball. He would finish the game with 22 points. The big men Sedlar and Marsden would both have solid games going for 10 and 13 respectively.

Tom Sherlock would amass 24 points including 2 triples while Gayle would score 16 points including 4 from the arc for the impressive Trailblazers.

But there was one performance which eclipsed all others and that was the performance of David Ajumobi, who would finish the game with an awesome 32 points including 5 from beyond the arc.

Unfortunately for his sparring partner ‘Nebo it would be one of those games.

Having picked up early fouls he spent most of the 1st half on the bench. When he picked up another in the 3rd he sat again then a 4th foul in the 4th.  He would finish the game with more fouls than points 4/2 to be exact…OUCH!

This had been a marvellous game to be a part of and there is no doubt in my mind that a fully fit Carnegie team will be a match for anybody in this League this season.

Commiserations to Derby Trailblazers who put up a great fight but this one was about Carnegie and one David Ajumobi.


Mike S

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