I have to make it clear that I do not know Lance Armstrong personally, nor have I been a fan of his to any great extent. Obviously I know about his successes in the Tour de France over the years and I know of the problems he has been experiencing since then.

After years of working and waiting, countless months of heady anticipation, weeks of building excitement, and a not-too-shabby test event, the Paralympics have finally arrived.

Perhaps the question that I get asked more than any is whether my name is my real name. Well the answer is no but I never chose that name, it was chosen by the manager of a nightclub I was working at, at the time. The Club was Rafters in city centre Manchester and this is the story of my time there.

Ian Whittell, who covered London 2012 for the Times Newspapers, gives us his take on Great Britain's exploits in the 2012 Olympic Basketball Tournament.

The BBL have today approved the relocation of the MK Lions Franchise to London.

The Lions Basketball Team have confirmed that they will be leaving the City of Milton Keynes. The Milton Keynes Lions have been searching for a facility in which the team can play, but with just seven weeks remaining to the start of the new season, they have now come to the conclusion that there is nowhere in the City  that can house professional basketball.

Jessica Clemmons is an American artist who has just released a new album and single. One track on the album is stunning. This is my tribute to a truly great song.

For the love of the music