I really don’t recall when I first got to know about the existance of Lulu but as far back as I can remember I have been a fan.

During my days as a mobile DJ, I always took great pleasure in playing her version of Shout. It wasn’t the original, but it was a truly brilliant cover version. My other reason for loving her was the film ‘To Sir With love’ and the wonderful theme tune. Lulu had/has a wonderful voice and what seemed to be the most infectious personalty. I always thought it would be just amazing to interview her.

While at SUNSET Radio we received a new album by Lulu which included a duet with Bobby WOMACK.

We immediately enquired as to whether Lulu would be available for an interview. The answer came back yes.

Plans were put into place and right on time Lulu arrived at 23 New Mount Street, the home of SUNSET Radio and she was just dynamite. Initially, I think she might have been a little surprised that the hottest black music station in the UK wanted to interview her, but when she realised that we were for real and that we really had an honest interest in her and all that she had done then she really relaxed and we had a wonderful time.We talked at length about ‘To Sir With Love and one of my all time favourite actors Sidney Poitier.

I told her that I always felt that the film was almost like a documentary of the 60s. Amazingly, she agreed. We then talked about her collaboration with Bobby Womack on the track ‘I’m back for more.’ A track produced by the legendary producer Errol Henry . Bobby Womack remains one of the greatest soul music singers of all time.

Lulu not only told us about her present day exploits but she also told us about her upbringing in Scotland and about how she first came to love and enjoy music. As you will see in this continuing series, I have interviewed a number of people over the years but there is no doubt that Lulu has one of the most wonderful personalties in the world. Furthermore, she has a quite exquisite voice that works brilliantly with a wide selection of music.

Her 1993 album Independence album shows her in a truly soulful groove and is a must in any self respecting music collection. Check out the tracks Restless Moods, I’m back for more and Until I get over you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals who have taken the time to come onto my shows over the years and who have given me some truly wonderful memories.

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