16 February – 21 February 1976


Altrincham Garrick Theatre

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Amateur Dramatics

Hair 4Genesis Theatre Group were an amateur theatre group that existed from 1975 to 1982 in the Greater Manchester area. The name was taken from the book of Genesis, because when they started out they were literally at their beginning.

Hair 2The group were known for attempting large productions more commonly associated with professional theatre groups (such as the Who’s Tommy and an aborted first attempt at Jeff Wayne’s the War of the Worlds) as well as several original musicals. They had several premieres amongst their productions, some being Amateur World Premieres, others simply Amateur North West Premieres.

Hair 3The two key members were Chris Fogg (Writer and Director) and Chris Dumigan (Musical Director). However the most well known former members are Mike Shaft (who has a radio show on BBC Radio Manchester) and Louis Emerick (who appeared in the Channel 4 soap opera Brookside and more recently BBC’s Casualty).

Above story taken from Wikipedia.

Hair was probably our most famous and notorious production during the life of the Group. However there were other productions including Tommy, Stag and O lucky Man.

Hair was directed by Chris Fogg with Musical Direction by Chris Dumigan.

Members of the Cast included

Alison Davis

Mary Clark

Louis Emerick

Mike Shaft

Anita King

Graham Brittain

Nicky Baird

Norman Partington

Chris Hawley

Bill Johnson

Jaqui Johnson

Mike Cheeseman

John Rolt

Maureen Service

Ruth Taylor

Jan Smith

Lillian Sutton

Andrew Pastor

Janice Jackson

The Band Members were

Chris Dumigan

Dave Sayer

Neil Tomkinson

Mike Bonwick

Chaz Coghill


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